Livestream - Indie Game Time: Hammerfight and Minecraft Adventure Map

In this roughly 1.5 hour livestream I start to play Hammerfight and then get saved by Gimp and James who invite me to play an adventure map in Minecraft.


Humble Indie Bundle 3 Livestream: And Yet It Moves + Atom Zombie Smasher

In this 1 hour (previously recorded) livestream video (UStream video page) I play two games from the Humble Indie Bundle 3: "And Yet It Moves" and "Atom Zombie Smasher".

I was definitely grooving on the music and gameplay of And Yet It Moves more than Atom Zombie Smasher. I've never really gotten into "tower defense" types of games.

Thought the stream turned out well. Hope you enjoy it.


Cheesing Chuck E. Cheese’s

The following is a blog post I originally wrote on March 14th, 2006 while working at an MMORPG development company. I thought you might enjoy my experience "cheesing the system" at Chuck E. Cheese’s. (Please excuse the amateur writing/formatting/typos. I'd like to think my writing has improved over the years.)

How was I able to tie Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre into MMO theory?

Read on to find out.

So, my wife and I went to Chuck e. Cheese’s (did it always have the “’s” on the end?) with our nephews and their parents and we got a nice handful of tokens to play on the various games. At first I was really cautious with my tokens. I wanted to savor every token and maximize the usefulness, fun, and longevity of each token. I played a jet ski game and safari animal roping game. Almost every machine there handed out tickets which could be spent on prizes. At first I thought the tickets were silly. People will never get anything good because the tickets are difficult to get. Then I found “Thunderation”. “Thunderation” (I think that was the name) was a sort of pachinko machine with a large vertical spinning disk with pins. You drop the token in the top and try to time it right to get the token to drop through a slot labeled “14″. 14 seems to be the most tickets you can get from the machine although there was a “Bonus” slot where if you got it 3 times something would happen but i didn’t take the time to figure that much out. Well I started playing the game and 14 tickets came out. “Wow” I thought. I can time this. Well I spent token after token trying to time them perfectly. I must have blown through 15 tokens. Then I figured out there was a stop button that allowed you to stop the wheel at a certain place. When I dropped the token at just the right time and hit the stop button I could consistently get 14 tickets on each token. I the realized it didn’t matter which slot it went through as long as the 14 slot was at the exact bottom. So from then I was hooked. I dropped every token I had and got 14 tickets for each one. Once I was out of tokens I pulled the long line of tickets (which was still connected to the machine) up over my head and walked back to see how long it was. It must have been 10 feet long! I ripped them off and threw them around my neck like the winner of an Olympic gold medal. I had so many tickets I felt like a rapper with all my phat bling bling on! Kids eyes grew wide as I walked by them with all those tickets. (I’m sure there is some connection here between 1337 players and noobs but I’m too tired from eating too much pizza to make it).